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[DVD] The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (MBC TV Drama) (Making DVD+Photobook Special Edition)

[DVD] The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (MBC TV Drama) (Making DVD+Photobook Special Edition)
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[DVD] The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (MBC TV Drama) (Making DVD+Photobook Special Edition)


Based on a novel by the author of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, MBC's hit period drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun stars Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) as an aloof young king Lee Hwon who falls in love with a female shaman, played by Han Ga In (Bad Guy). Her resemblance to his first love, who mysteriously passed away before their wedding, prompts him to investigate what really happened years ago. Jung Il Woo (49 Days) co-stars as the prince who lives in Hwon's shadow, but strives to control his own destiny over his love.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun Special Edition soundtrack features leading man Kim Soo Hyun's "You're the Only One" and Lee Ki Chan's "It's Not". Lyn's touching theme song "Back to the Time", Wheesung's "Trail of Tears", Monday Kiz's "Shadow", and He O.Ra's "Under the Moonlight" are also on the tracklist, along with more score instrumentals not included in the previous OST.

This edition includes a 36-page booklet and a DVD with four music videos.


해를 품은 달 (MBC TV 드라마) (CD + DVD 스페셜에디션) 

01. 그대 한사람 - 김수현 
02. 시간을 거슬러 – 린(Lyn) 
03. 아니기를 - 이기찬 
04. 눈물길 – 휘성 
05. 그림자 – 먼데이키즈 
06. 달빛이 지고 - 해오라 
07. 군주의 찬가 
08. 운명의 소용돌이 
09. 달의 정체 
10. 태양의 결심 
11. 달빛에 비친 안개 
12. 달을 품은 해 
13. 척취놀이 
14. 해에 가린 슬픈 빛 
15. 월화 (月華) 
16. 핏빛 전조 
17. 모반 (謨反) 
18. 반역 (反逆) 
19. 해와 달 
20. 해우석 

DVD (드라마 뮤직 비디오) 
01. 그대 한사람 - 김수현 
02. 시간을 거슬러 – 린(Lyn) 
03. 아니기를 - 이기찬 
04. 달빛이 지고 - 해오라 

해를 품은 달 미공개 스틸컷 

시청자를 품었던 명품 드라마 
[해를 품은 달] OST 

3단 고급 디지북 케이스! 
36페이지의 촬영현장 스틸컷!

A special CD with 6 track tracks and a 14-track luxury track, including Kim Su-Hyun's "One Man" and "Lee Ki-chan's" Ani Kimi "
Includes 4 bonus DVDs featuring drama music video + unscreened still images!
OST special album of National drama MBC tree mini series [which is proud of more than 40% of audience rating and finished big part] (drama Jin Suwan / directing Kim Dohoon, Lee Sungjoon / production fan entertainment).
He has won first place in every OST soundtrack, and he has been in the top spot for nearly two months on the online music charts "Back in Time" of the main theme song Lynn, and all the songs on the OST [All Over the Moon] OST SPECIAL EDITION Album!
This album also includes "The One" of heroic horn (Kim Soo-hyun) of the moon, which is on the verge of a sunny day. "Lee Ji-chan" And the theme song "Dawn Kid" ("The Moon of Clouds"), which is the backdrop of the song "Hae-Ra" And the "Shadow" of a total of six songs and 14 drama background music is recorded.
All OST songs are included, and new drama BGMs are also available.
A three-stage, digital-sized case with 36 pages of filmstrip stills
It is divided into two tracks by CD and DVD. The CD contains 20 tracks of OST. The DVD contains 4 M / V and a still picture of the moon shooting scene.
The music director of the drama "The Sun with the Sun" won two consecutive years (2009, 2010) in the Dae Jong Award Festival, and Kim Joon-seok and Jeong Sye-lin served as the music coaches of Korea.
It is not only about movie movies like [movie] [Sunny], [speed scandal], and [breaking arrow] which is becoming a hot topic, but also drama [giant], [lover of star], [my sweet city] Kim Jae-seok and Jeongseol Lin, who gave scores different from existing music in the [Royal Family], have been acclaimed for showing their delicate and deeply ingrained music in this work.
The background music included in the regular album includes the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, La Muzica, the top stringing team in Korea, Ahn Eun-kyung, the leader of popular flute music, and Choi Seong-eun, .
OST Producer Fan Entertainment has produced music videos for the fans who are saddened by music only.
At the beginning of the drama, which featured the actors' masterpieces, the music video of "Moonlight Lee Ji", sung by the heroine "Hao La", the heroine of the clear and pure voice,
'Ani ga' is a music video featuring acoustic sound and a unique song of Lee Ki Chan and a sweet voice,
Lyn - The music video was edited around the whole theme of the moon,

Kim Soo-hyun - 'You are a person' is a music video composed of a love story of a song.




  • Region Code: All Region
  • Release Date: 2012-03-29
  • Language: Korean
  • Disc Format(s): DVD+Photobook

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