• Used BTS 3rd Muster Army.Zip+ (DVD) (2-Disc) (Booklet + Standing Paper) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)




BTS gathered their fans for the third time in the BTS 3rd Muster fan meeting, held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on November 12 and 13, 2016. Attracting approximately 38,000 fans from around the globe, the two-day event is a mix of talk show, parody drama, skits and concert. The seven boys started the fan meeting with the bubbly dance song "Blanket Kick," followed by a series of hit songs, such as 24/7=Heaven, "Dope" and "Blood, Sweat & Tears." Members also delivered special unit performances, including Rap Monster and Jung Kook's self-penned "I Know," Ji Min and Suga's Tony Montana and a remix of "Boy in Luv" by Jin, J-Hope and V. This live release comes with concert making.

This edition includes a 16-page booklet and a random standing paper.


방탄소년단의 글로벌 팬미팅 3rd MUSTER- ARMY.ZIP+ DVD 출시!


고척스카이돔을 가득 채운 3기 팬미팅 실황에는 콘서트를 방불케 하는 멋진 무대뿐만 아니라 팬들과의 대화의 시간을 통해 서로의 대한 마음을 다시 한 번 확인하는 즐거운 시간을 그대로 담았다.
멤버들이 직접 출연해 큰 웃음을 선사한 하우스 오브 아미 VCR 풀버전 수록!
방탄런 코너를 통한 즐거운 팀레이스 게임대결 시간과 멤버들 토크 수록!
랩몬스터&정국의 자작곡 ‘알아요’, 지민&슈가의 ‘Tony Montana’, 진&제이홉&뷔의 동요리믹스 버전 방탄유소년단의 특별한 유닛무대 최초공개부터
앵콜곡으로 준비한 아미를 위한 첫 팬송 ‘둘! 셋!’무대까지! 
방탄소년단만의 유쾌하고 친근한 매력과 유닛의 새로운 매력 거기에 팬과 함께한 감동의 순간까지 
모두 담긴 팬미팅 DVD는 16일 예약판매 돌입 30일에 출시된다.

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  • Product Title: BTS 3rd Muster Army.Zip+ (Blu-ray) (2-Disc) (Booklet + Standing Paper) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
  • Singer Name(s): BTS
  • Blu-ray Region Code: All Region What is it?
  • Release Date: 2017-04-21
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Picture Format: NTSC, [HD] High Definition What is it?
  • Sound Information: DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Other Information: 2-Disc

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Used BTS 3rd Muster Army.Zip+ (DVD) (2-Disc) (Booklet + Standing Paper) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

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