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Law of the Jungle (Korean정글의 법칙) is a South Korean reality-documentary show on SBS. It was first aired on October 21, 2011. This show is a hybrid of reality-variety television, natural documentaries, and human drama; a new concept of programming.

The cast of celebrities travel to less-habitated, natural places to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people. Originally airing at the Friday 11:05 pm KST time slot, the program was switched into Good Sunday beginning May 6, 2012, airing before Running Man at the 5:00 pm time slot, replacing K-pop Star Season 1. With the return of K-pop Star Season 2 to Good Sunday, the program returned to Friday nights but airing at 10:00 pm instead beginning November 16, 2012. Originally airing as Kim Byung-man's Law of the Jungle (Korean김병만의 정글의 법칙) after the creator and "clan leader" Kim Byung-man, "Kim Byung-man's" was dropped from the title after episode 40.

A survival game that lives on the earth's roof, the Himalayas, a survival game of life of a diseased people in the Himalayas, the roof of the snow country, Nepal and the earth! The seven-man Himalayan expedition, which is composed of the chieftain of the jungle survivor Kim Jung-man, low-quality physical strength Noujin, the jungle official opening ceremony Park Jung-chul, the world cup four-star myth Ahn Ji-hwan, In the Nepalese jungle, where the beasts of the Nepalese jungle, Bengal tigers, horned rhinoceros, and wild tigers, are inundated, the Bomans experience the ever-waning horrors and the worst hunger in their lives. A dangerous Nepalese jungle that is a paradise for wildlife, but threatened by the threat of life. What kind of survival wisdom will the Bomans experience?

The mission given to surviving survivors of the jungle is to find the hidden treasures of the Himalayas and the hidden treasures of Nepal. A tremendous trek to the pond lakes of the mysterious waters of the heavens. The weather is like a devil's mood, a terrible altitude sickness that your whole body is inflated, a brisk expedition that only birds and mice can ride. ... . In the Himalayas, which are never tolerant of strangers, can the illnesses overcome mental and physical limitations and complete their explorations safely?



Episode 1 Himalayan expedition
Roof of the world, Himalayas

Episode 2 Survival ceremony of Dangjin Kali temple
Country of God and mountain, Nepal

Episode 3 Wild habitat for three Wild beasts
Survive from the Big  Animal Kingdom

Episode 4 Conditions of Survival
Wild animal's Invasion

Episode 5 The worst hunger
Himalaya, war of Hunger

Episode 6 Wild beast
Survival tools in jungle

Episode 7 Treasures Bardia Jungle
Nepalese Jungle Wildlife

Episode 8 Towards to Tea Horse Road
Himalayan Width Purity

Episode 9 Starting with Sei Width Purity National Park
Enjoy mountain climbing

Episode 10 Shelter, Pollen
At the Safe Village Pollen

Episode 11 Three deadly places
Width Purity The final gateway

Episode 12 A day in the village 
Alpine tribe, innocent people

Episode 13 Alpine soccer tournament
Traditional trading of bread purity, caravan

Episode 14 Long-awaited yak caravan
Challenge yaks

Episode 15 Gifted Storm
Himalayan snowfall

Episode 16 Fairwell

Personal Interview: Ending the Himalayan Expedition
[Appendix] Jungle exploration pictorial picture
Exploring the charm of the national patriarch Kim Byung-man
NG-Cuts War on Editing
Himalayan best couple
Lady of Fame
Another 30 Kim Byung Man
Goodbye, Himalaya
Behind stories


  • Published Date: 2014-02-20
  • Language: Korean
  • Size: 257*188mm
  • 248 pages


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Law of the Jungle Comic 8 Books Set (Himalaya Edition) (Korean Version)

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